Balance SQC (D/I)

Ceiling mounted bidirectional LED backlit modular luminaire


  • Professional backlit LED panel with proven output and longevity
  • Stand-off studs to facilitate a subtle back halo (10%) from clear-lined slots in the rear of the fixture.
  • Extruded aluminium body, finished anodised silver, or in a choice of powder coated colours
  • Choice of optics, held within an extruded aluminium frame
  • Options for both high efficiency and high output
  • Standard and high CRI for areas where colour quality is important
  • Tier 1 LEDs with tight binning
  • Dimming and emergency options available
  • Option for standard direct-only version without stand-off studs. See separate datasheet
  • Suitable for: core, office, retail, corridor, stairwell, reception


Profile Aluminium
Cover Polycarbonate
Fixings Stainless Steel


Mount Type Ceiling Mounted
Source Info Tier 1 LED components (Tridonic, Philips, Osram)
Lumens 690lm – 8050lm
Efficacy up to 110lm/cW
Colour Temp 3000K, 4000K
Rendering Ra90+, Ra80+
MacAdam 3SDCM
Lifetime 50,000hr (L80/B10)
Voltage 230-240VV, 50/60Hz
Power Factor >0.9
Dimming DALI, or non-dimmable
Emergency 3 Hour, DALI, or non-emergency
Safety Class I
IP Rating IP20
Safety Class I 5 Year



Width Length Height
300mm 150mm 100mm
600mm 150mm 100mm
900mm 150mm 100mm
1200mm 150mm 100mm
1500mm 150mm 100mm
300mm 300mm 100mm
600mm 300mm 100mm
900mm 300mm 100mm
1200mm 300mm 100mm
600mm 600mm 100mm
900mm 600mm 100mm
900mm 900mm 100mm


All dimensions are measured in millimetres (mm) and all weights are measured in kilograms (kg), unless states otherwise
  • 300mm (W)
  • 600mm (W)
  • 900mm (W)
  • 1200mm (W)
  • 1500mm (W)
  • 300mm (W)
  • 600mm (W)
  • 900mm (W)
  • 1200mm (W)
  • 600mm (W)
  • 900mm (W)
  • 900mm (W)


Lumens are delivered and based on 4000K. Changing some options may affect the lumen value - please contact sales if you are unsure.
  • 690Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 11cW
  • 690Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 11cW
  • 690Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 12cW
  • 760Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 12cW
  • 1,020Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 18cW
  • 1,390Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 21cW
  • 1,390Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 22cW
  • 1,390Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 22cW
  • 1,530Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 15cW
  • 1,840Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 29cW
  • 2,090Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 24cW
  • 2,090Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 34cW
  • 2,180Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 23cW
  • 2,180Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 23cW
  • 2,630Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 26cW
  • 2,790Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 39cW
  • 2,940Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 31cW
  • 3,690Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 52cW
  • 3,910Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 42cW
  • 3,910Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 42cW
  • 4,050Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 39cW
  • 5,130Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 54cW
  • 8,050Lm - Bi-directional Delivered, 73cW


  • 3000K, Ra80+
  • 3000K, Ra90+
  • 4000K, Ra80+
  • 4000K, Ra90+


  • Non-dimmable
  • DALI


  • Non-emergency
  • 3 Hour
  • DALI


  • Silver Anodised
  • Black (Matt) Powder Coated, RAL 9005, On request
  • Custom Contact Sales to Order, Powder Coated, On request
  • Silver (White Aluminium) Powder Coated, RAL 9006, On request
  • Signal White Powder Coated, RAL 9003, unless otherwise specified matt signal white will be used as a default white finish
  • White (Matt) Powder Coated, RAL 9016
  • Anthracite Grey Powder Coated, RAL 7016
  • Cream White Powder Coated, RAL 9010


  • Opal Cover
  • Microprismatic Cover


Please order accessories separately
  • BAL-DI-ACC-SWK-XXXX Suspension Wire Kit Wire suspension 319 with nickel ceiling rose. Available in 1200 mm 2000 mm and 3000 mm lengths
  • BAL-DI-ACC-SW-XXXX Suspension Wire Wire suspension for supply 519 silver RAL 9066 MS. Available in 1200 mm 2000 mm and 3000 mm lengths
  • BAL-DI-ACC-PC3-XXXX 3-Core Power Cable 1200mm / 2000mm / 3000mm
  • BAL-DI-ACC-PC5-XXXX 5-Core Power Cable 1200mm / 2000mm / 3000mm
  • BAL-DI-ACC-PC7-XXXX 7-Core Power Cable 1200mm / 2000mm / 3000mm
  • BAL-DI-ACC-PC4-XXXX 4-Core Power Cable 1200mm / 2000mm / 3000mm

Please note: all images are used for illustrative purposes only. Individual features such as optics, materials, and colours may vary. The specification of the above product and accessories is correct at the date of publishing, but may be subject to change as necessary and without notice. Images are indicative of the quality and style of the specification and may not represent wholly the actual luminaire. Dimensional drawings are intended to give a general indication of the proposed size. The dimensions are accurate to within + or - 2mm. Specification, imagery and dimensional information are not intended to form part of any contract or warranty unless specifically incorporated in writing into the contract.