Vogue 5.7 SP

Architectural extruded aluminium profile with darklight accent spots


  • Linear luminaire constructed of extruded aluminium
  • Individual LED spotlights concealed within a darklight baffle, ideal for wall washing
  • Available in single lengths of upto 3m and connected together to form long, straight runs
  • Pattern form options available
  • Pitch of LEDs: 50mm. To special order, 75mm or 100mm - contact sales
  • Osram LED technology
  • Choice of beam angles available
  • Standard or DALI drivers, remote from the luminaire
  • Also available as trimless and pendant versions
  • Contact sales for help with pattern forming this product
  • Up to 96 luminaire lumens per circuit Watt efficacy
  • Suitable for: hospitality, office, retail, corridor, wall wash


Body Extruded Aluminium


Mount Type Universally Mounted
Source Info Tier 1 LED components (Tridonic, Philips, Osram)
Lumens 1012lm – 14063lm
Efficacy up to 115lm/cW
Colour Temp 3000K, 4000K
Rendering Ra80+, Ra90+
MacAdam 3SDCM
Beam Angle(s) 16° / 36°
Lifetime 50,000hr (L80/B10)
Voltage 230V, 50/60Hz
Power Factor >0.9
Dimming DALI, or non-dimmable
Emergency Non-emergency
Safety Class I
IP Rating IP20
Safety Class I 5 Year



Length Width Height
406mm 53mm 70mm
606mm 53mm 70mm
906mm 53mm 70mm
1206mm 53mm 70mm
1506mm 53mm 70mm
1806mm 53mm 70mm
2406mm 53mm 70mm
3006mm 53mm 70mm


All dimensions are measured in millimetres (mm) and all weights are measured in kilograms (kg), unless states otherwise Lumen and power values stated for an LED pitch of 50mm. Values for 75mm / 100mm LED pitch will be proportionally less.
  • 406mm (L)
  • 606mm (L)
  • 906mm (L)
  • 1206mm (L)
  • 1506mm (L)
  • 1806mm (L)
  • 2406mm (L)
  • 3006mm (L)


Lumens are delivered and based on 4000K. Changing some options may affect the lumen value - please contact sales if you are unsure. Outputs based on 4000K CRI80+ with 16º optic. NOTE: 3000K CRI90 2SDCM LEDs will reduce the lumen output by 15% and opting for the 36º by a further 7.5%
  • 1,012Lm Delivered, 11cW
  • 1,518Lm Delivered, 15cW
  • 1,875Lm Delivered, 20cW
  • 2,277Lm Delivered, 21cW
  • 2,813Lm Delivered, 28cW
  • 3,036Lm Delivered, 28cW
  • 3,795Lm Delivered, 34cW
  • 4,219Lm Delivered, 42cW
  • 4,555Lm Delivered, 40cW
  • 5,625Lm Delivered, 56cW
  • 6,073Lm Delivered, 54cW
  • 7,031Lm Delivered, 69cW
  • 7,591Lm Delivered, 66cW
  • 8,438Lm Delivered, 82cW
  • 11,250Lm Delivered, 108cW
  • 14,063Lm Delivered, 132cW


  • 3000K, Ra90+ 2SDCM Single Bin
  • 4000K, Ra80+


  • Non-dimmable Drivers remote from luminaire
  • DALI Drivers remote from luminaire - within 2m


  • Non-emergency


Baffles are anodised black as standard. For the body, unless otherwise specified, the default white colour will be matt signal white
  • Silver Anodised
  • Anthracite Grey Powder Coated, RAL 7016
  • Black (Matt) Powder Coated, RAL 9005
  • Cream White Powder Coated, RAL 9010
  • Custom Contact Sales to Order, Powder Coated
  • Signal White Powder Coated, RAL 9003, *
  • Silver (White Aluminium) Powder Coated, RAL 9006, matt fine texture
  • White (Matt) Powder Coated, RAL 9016

Beam Angle

  • 16° Beam Angle
  • 36° Beam Angle


Please order accessories separately
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-CON-45 45° Corner Connector
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-LJ Connector Linear Joint
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-CON-L 2-way 'L' Connector
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-CON-T 3-way 'T' Connector
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-CON-X 4-way 'X' Connector
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-EC1S End Cap with Screws (Single) for individual painted products, screws will not be visible
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-PC3-XXXX 3-Core Power Cable 1200mm / 2000mm / 3000mm
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-PC5-XXXX 5-Core Power Cable 1200mm / 2000mm / 3000mm
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-SW-XXXX Suspension Wire 1200mm / 2000mm / 3000mm
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-SWK-XXXX Suspension Wire Kit 1200mm / 2000mm / 3000mm
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-TRK Trimless Installation Kit For sytems, please contact sales for assistance
  • V-5.7SP-ACC-WBR Wall Bracket

Please note: all images are used for illustrative purposes only. Individual features such as optics, materials, and colours may vary. The specification of the above product and accessories is correct at the date of publishing, but may be subject to change as necessary and without notice. Images are indicative of the quality and style of the specification and may not represent wholly the actual luminaire. Dimensional drawings are intended to give a general indication of the proposed size. The dimensions are accurate to within + or - 2mm. Specification, imagery and dimensional information are not intended to form part of any contract or warranty unless specifically incorporated in writing into the contract.